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The stage is the center of your event—make sure it’s well-built and safe. Upstage Crew employs the experts in conference and events stage installation, assembling designs that command attention and impress audiences throughout Salt Lake City, Utah. Our team takes care of all the elements involved in creating a memorable stage design, from the video screen backdrop to the lighting trusses to non-negotiable safety measures.

Stage your event with Upstage Crew. We provide the professional manpower you need, including carpenters, audio-visual technicians, stagehands, and more. Tell us your vision, and we’ll make it happen.

Learn more about how we pull off breathtaking stage installations. Get in touch with our crew today.

Events Stage Installation

From concerts to TV broadcasts, our staging solutions enable you to engage, entertain, and educate your audience.

  • Establish the Atmosphere – Stage design creates the ambiance for your event. For indoor and outdoor setups, Upstage Crew considers the lighting, the appropriate sound system, and the perfect stage size. Whether your event is whimsical or serious, our events staging establishes the atmosphere you envision.

  • Engage Your Audience – Upstage Crew builds stage installations that draw attention to the performers and keep your audience fixated on whoever is on stage. Your event will have focused lighting, arresting backdrops, and dynamic stage props. The crowds will be entertained all the way through to the finale.

  • Follow Safety Practices – No matter how complex your stage design, Upstage Crew sees to it that everyone is safe before, during, and after the production. Cables are safely hidden to prevent tripping, fire exits are clearly labeled and the equipment is properly supported. Rest assured that our team also always has contingency and emergency plans in place.

Conference Stage Installation

Whether you’re conducting a trade show, product launch or conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, our stage setup will help you convey a strong, clear message.

  • Reflect Your Brand – Upstage Crew incorporates your brand into the stage installation. We collaborate closely with you to determine the platform’s color scheme and aesthetics.

  • Incorporate Dynamic Lights and Sounds – Our staging solutions include sound, lighting, and video elements that make your conference more entertaining. We keep your audience engaged through presentations, speeches, and Q&As.

  • Meet Your Goals – The Upstage Crew keeps your goals in mind. Whether it’s to foster brand recall, gather more leads or educate your audience, you can be sure your objectives will be incorporated into the stage design.

Let’s build your event or conference stage today. Get in touch with Upstage Crew for a safe, yet show-stopping stage installation.

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Upstages StageLine 320 has Video Wall Supports.



Upstages StageLine 250 is popular for State Fair's and Medium Sized Concerts.



Upstages Stageline 100 carries the most bang for your buck while being rider-friendly. 



Upstages StageLine 75 is budget friendly with as little as a 1 hour to setup. 



Upstage carries an inventory of

8' x 4' and  4' x 4' stage decks to build whatever configuration of stage needed.  


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