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SL 250


At any event, the stage is where the magic happens, and it is only right that a lot of thought is put into it. The Stageline 250 is our second largest stage- after the SL320. This Stage is very popular for midsized concerts and corporate events and approved on the midsized artists' riders. The Stageline 250 has proven itself at countless events. 


Our Stageline 250 is built to be used in most climate and any weather conditions. Our stage is made of high-end materials and offers superior protection. It will protect your performers, equipment, and staff. With our stage rental service, your show can and will go on — despite any rain.

Stageline 320 Water-Resistant Stage.jpg

Maximum Space for Display and Design

Your event’s stage is the first thing your attendees will see and what they will look at the rest of the night. Your stage design and display needs to capture your audience, even before the performers get on it.

Our stage offers maximum banner space to allow you to personalize your event. Although having a captivating stage is a must, it should highlight the performers and key features of your event and not distract your audience. Our stage rental service gives you enough room for top banners, side banners, and customized wind walls. It will look like the stage was specifically made for your event.

Safety and Security 

Our Stageline 250 is designed and engineered to be safely transported and erected. Our mobile stage has a quick and safe setup process with most of the work done at the deck level to reduce the risk of errors and injuries for your crew and technicians. With our team and equipment, setting up and tearing down is a breeze.

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Upstages StageLine 320 has Video Wall Supports.



Upstages StageLine 250 is popular for State Fair's and Medium Sized Concerts.



Upstages Stageline 100 carries the most bang for your buck while being rider-friendly. 

IMG_20201014_203656112 (1).jpg


Upstages StageLine 75 is budget friendly with as little as a 1 hour to setup. 



Upstage carries an inventory of

8' x 4' and  4' x 4' stage decks to build whatever configuration of stage needed.  


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