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Who We Work With

Upstage Crews offers its clients skilled and hard-working safety-oriented event technicians to build and produce a variety of events. We work with mid to high-level clients around the Intermountain West who use our skills in big corporate meetings, international conventions, and exclusive company retreats. You'll also find us behind the scenes of local concerts, community events, and working on A/V installs for local businesses.

No event is too big or too small for our events crew. We have staged diverse gatherings and conferences, building an excellent track record in events staging throughout Salt Lake City. We create more memorable experiences for your audience.

Our production team boasts extensive experience in working with crowds from Utah, so we know what makes a production unforgettable. We consider the audience’s comfort and safety, build a breathtaking stage, use dynamic lighting and set up reliable and clear sound systems. All audio-visual elements are executed perfectly by our dependable crew.

Our clients know that they can rely on our concert crew to provide superior technical skills, be on time, and conduct ourselves professionally. When you sign on with us, you will be part of a quality work force involved in important and exclusive events.

What We Do

Our crew is constantly getting called out for a variety of jobs. We need technicians who are experts in lighting, audio, video, rigging, carpentry, and more. Our crew members operate spotlights at concerts, run audio consoles for live events, climb into the rooftops of arenas, and design lighting for shows. Our crew also builds lighting rigs, design sets, operate machinery, install sound systems, and so much more.

Are these the types of things you do? Come work with us!

Upstage Crew is always on the lookout for promising talent. We offer:

  • Precise Job Descriptions – We don’t believe in having “all-around guys.” At Upstage Crew, you will be placed in the track you want to pursue, whether that’s carpentry, lighting, or audio-visual tech. You’ll be trained and mentored by experts.

  • Diverse Opportunities – Because our crew handles many events, you will have the opportunity to work on different kinds of projects, such as simple conferences, dynamic product launches, and full-blown rock concerts.

  • Frequent Work – Utah loves a good time, which is why our stage crew is always occupied. There’s always a fresh AV or stage project to challenge your creativity and technical expertise.

The Upstage Method

Our crew members are professional and work hard, but we are not like other crews, we enjoy whom we work with and we help each other out. If there are skills you'd like to learn, we offer training! Other companies might have you work your way to the top over years, going from a case-pusher to a truck loader to a speaker-setter-upper. That's not the Upstage Method. If you want to learn audio, we'll put you in an audio track, if you want to learn video, we'll put you in a video track. We'll help get you where you want to be so we can keep Upstage Crews as the most skilled crew around. Come join us and help us take our shows to the next level!

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