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Founded in 2015 as Upstage Crew Service, inc. 

Upstage Rentals | BOISE, IDAHO 

OFFICE: (208) 928-3030




We work at and provide quality equipment for concerts, trade shows, corporate meetings, community events, TV broadcasts, and conventions–to name a few. Our mission is to provide the next level crew and equipment for our clients. We provide our clients with experienced personnel who are professional-looking, safety-minded, and expertly capable. We have electricians, A1s, lighting technicians, spotlight ops, camera ops, projectionists, carpenters, technical directors, up riggers and downriggers, forklift operators, lighting designers, breakout techs, video technicians, general stagehands, and so many more–all experienced and effective at what they do. Our products are guaranteed to be safe and work exactly how you expect them too. We know that you have options for renting gear and we will always exceed your expectations.



We understand the needs of our clients: their budgets, their expectations, and their time frames. We pride ourselves in honesty, work ethic, and of course, timeliness. From stagehands and broadcast professionals to rental and sales, we provide our clients with the most talented and professional people and products in the business. We know it's a small world in the entertainment business and we will continue to be your trusted friend and source for all your staffing and equipment needs.

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