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All pricing listed is an average price for rentals per item - pricing can change depending on date of rentals & bulk rentals. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and get a quote personalized to you. (801) 779-3030



ColorSource PAR users can benefit from the color calibration that ETC does on all its LED luminaires. The luminaires are tested for uniformity, so a lighting system with multiple ColorSource PARs will have the same color from fixture to fixture. And they're designed to compensate for the droop that typically plagues LED fixtures, so the ColorSource PAR's output will look the same from the beginning of a show to the end. 


Despite its superior color capabilities, the ColorSource PAR doesn't require extensive lighting knowledge to use. "This is a great fixture for students just starting out in lighting or small venues with staff who don't have lighting training," explains Uphoff. "It's easy to set up and works with or without a simple lighting desk. You can just plug it in and get it working in seconds." 

ETC LED colorsource Pars

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