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All pricing listed is an average price for rentals per item - pricing can change depending on date of rentals & bulk rentals. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and get a quote personalized to you. (801) 779-3030


The Adjustable Height Stair Unit can be easily modified to fit stages (or platform sections) that are adjustable in height. To secure the Adjustable Height Stair Unit in place, it includes a locking mechanism to attach quickly and firmly to Staging Concepts’ platforms.

Staging Concepts’ Adjustable Height Stair Units attach easily to SC90 and SC97 Platforms with no loose parts or special tools.

  • Finish: Mill aluminum
  • Attachment: Equip stair system with locking mechanism to allow for attachment to side of platform
  • Treads: 12 inches (305mm) deep by 36 inches (914mm) wide


7-Tread: 36″ – 48″ (914 mm – 1219 mm)

Staging concepts 7 rung stairs

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