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Online Tools to Benefit Event Planning Processes, Part 1

At Upstage Crews, we’re proud to be your one-stop setup crew for any event you’re looking to put on. From concert setup and stage installation to conference and convention setup services, we’ve helped put on numerous quality events by handling every detail exactly as you require.

In addition to our expertise in setup and tear-down for your event, we also hold significant experience in a wide variety of event types and the kinds of tools and resources planners need to pull off the best possible event. With this theme in mind, this upcoming two-part blog will go over several valuable online resources that you might consider as an event planner to help every element go a bit smoother. For applicable areas, we’ll include links.

Google Drive and Google Alerts

For starters, all event planers should be deeply familiar with a couple of the services offered by Google, namely Google Drive and Google Alerts. The former is perfect for keeping documents, presentations, spreadsheets and any other data you need all in one place – it allows you to give access to other planners if needed, plus grant differing levels of permission based on who is involved. Google Alerts, on the other hand, are vital for helping you monitor the lead-up to your event and the reaction to it. You can set up alerts for your brand or company name, plus for major industry news and even relevant trends that may help you plan your event more efficiently. is a broad resource that offers several beneficial services in the area of event planning. It begins with a personalized experience and platform, keeping things very simple and offering your choice of a variety of event types and options. You can create downloadable reports to help you track varying parts of the event planning.


For those considering involving slide presentations in their event, SlideShare is an excellent resource that will help you do so without any technical issues or delays. Created all the way back in 2006, SlideShare creates the most seamless possible format for sharing slides, whether on a major projector for a group of hundreds or for a smaller gathering of planners huddled around a laptop.


In cases where you’re working with a large planning team for a major event or group of events, a tool like Basecamp is great for keeping communication within the team open and simple. It allows you to not only keep in touch with team members, but also track projects and their progress at any point. Every part of your process is kept in one easily accessible location, meaning you won’t have to stress about putting every detail together at the last minute. For more on important tools to assist with any event planning project, or to learn about any of our event production services, speak to the staff at Upstage Crews today.

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