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Common Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid, Part 1

At Upstage Crew Services, Inc., our extensive experience helping stage numerous events throughout Utah makes us your go-to team for any event planning. Our advanced scheduling for any of our event production or setup crews allows you to plan out every part of the event in advance, knowing you have experienced pros on your side who will arrange many elements for you and help you avoid common mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, the event planning process can be riddled with them if you don’t work with the proper professionals and within the right work themes. With that in mind, this multi-part blog series will dig into several of the major mistakes we’ve seen event planners make during our years in the industry, plus how to avoid these to ensure you’re hosting the best possible event.


Funding or Team Size Concerns

The first concern here is perhaps the most common in this world: Improper budgeting or use of the budget. The very first step of any event planning process should be defining the goals and scope of the event, then working to define a budget you can stick to. This may involve a variety of areas depending on your event type and the kinds of products or services you want to be involved, but you absolutely cannot skimp on any part of this. Down related lines, be realistic about the size of the team you require for this event and the budget this manpower will require. If you can’t afford a full management team, look into offering volunteer positions if possible. Many events have been derailed because organizers were spread too thin.


Improper Risk Assessment

You need to be prepared for all possible issues that may arise during your event, and this involves a comprehensive risk assessment. This assessment should include any risks present, from personnel shortages to equipment needs and any others you may run into. While you can’t necessarily predict which of these problems might arise, you can be ready in case any of them do.


Poor Tech Preparation

Especially if tech is a big part of your event, with multiple presentations or other services required, it’s vital to have an experienced tech team check everything ahead of the event. We’re talking about anything in the tech world, from simple items like projectors or screens to adapters, cloud programs and many others you might be looking to utilize. Failure to double-check these areas could lead to major issues during your presentations that will reflect poorly on you.


Assuming Conditions

If your event involves even minor considerations that could be impacted by weather, you should absolutely never assume weather conditions. Even if your phone’s weather tracker says the sun is on the way, you never know when things might change. You should be prepared for unexpected weather in all necessary ways, whether this means an alternative stage location or additional supplies on-hand. For more on avoiding common event planning mistakes, or to learn about any of our stage installation services or other event setup, speak to the staff at Upstage Crew Services, Inc. today.

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