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Keeping Corporate Event Attendees Engaged and Interested, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some general themes for keeping corporate event attendees engaged and interested in the event you’re holding. Engagement is a vital factor in whether a given event does or does not succeed, and there are several approaches you can take to maximizing it in organic ways.

At Upstage Crew Services, Inc., we’re proud to offer event production, convention staffing and conference stage setup services for any corporate event. We have years of experience with every little detail of optimizing event participation and engagement. Let’s look at a few additional themes our team can recommend when it comes to drawing in and impressing your event audience.

Behind-the-Scenes Meetings

If your event features keynote speakers, industry experts or celebrities of any kind, one way to jazz things up a bit is to offer various promotions for behind-the-scenes meet-and-greets. Many of your attendees will be present primarily to see or hear from these individuals to begin with, so incentivizing them with a potential in-person meet is a great tool.

Maybe you run a social media promotion where everyone who uses your event hashtag is automatically entered into a drawing for your meetup. Or perhaps you run a raffle that helps raise money for your cause with a similar prize. The options are virtually limitless.

Keep it Moving

If you have longer events on the schedule, plan for intermissions or other break formats that give people a chance to walk around and stretch their legs a bit. Attendees will get bored and complacent if they sit in once place for too long, especially for multiple presentations in a row. If possible, use rotating booths and speaker opportunities to give attendees a variety of options.

Interactive Updates

You want to give the people at your event something to think about and consider while at your event. One great option here is some form of interactive update, whether through a connective wall or something similar. A comparison wall, for instance, gives people a conversation subject as they’re moving around the event and keeps people intrigued.

Mobile App Connectivity

Finally, you can benefit both your event and the environment by replacing printed handouts with vital, engaging information on your mobile app. Not only does this serve as a valuable resource for attendees, you are also likely to gain more app subscribers by offering this option at your event. Integrate the entire event into an online platform, plus speak to our team about ensuring the space has proper Wi-Fi connections so everyone attending will be able to stay connected.

For more on how to maximize event engagement and interest, or to learn about any of our concert setup or stage installation services, speak to the staff at Upstage Crew Services Inc. today.

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