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Keeping Corporate Event Attendees Engaged and Interested, Part 1

At Upstage Crew Services Inc., we’re proud to offer event production and stage installation services for a variety of events, from concerts and parties to corporate events and retreats. We’ve helped numerous events get off the ground both literally and figuratively, establishing a great atmosphere and allowing corporate groups to incorporate branding and other marketing needs with ease. We’ve worked every kind of corporate event out there, and our team is full of expertise when it comes to putting on a high-level retreat or event in a business atmosphere. With that in mind, let’s go over some creative tips we can offer on engaging attendees at a business event in this two-part blog series:

Swag and Take-Home Items

One of the most commonplace themes at trade shows and other corporate events over recent years is the presence of take-home swag, which many attendees fully expect to see at this point. The most popular forms of swag: Those that will fit into everyday lifestyles and have common uses for the people they’re being given to.

Think about it – if you get a piece of swag at an event that you have no practical use for, it’s either getting thrown out or put in a closet somewhere. But if you get a useful item that you can put to use on a regular basis, it will stay visible and remind you of the brand or company it came from. Many businesses choose customizable swag options that allow attendees their own set of options. Contests or Competitions

Everyone can get into a little friendly competition, and this is a great, affordable way to drum up interest and engagement at your event. Some of the simplest contest formats are tried and true themes like raffle drawings or auctions, which both engage people and potentially raise funds. In today’s modern age, many businesses are also incorporating social media here. Hold an Instagram hashtag contest, for instance, one that awards winners during the event while helping build the hype in advance. These are opportunities for engagement both before and after your event, as well as during it.

Social Media

Speaking of social media, a great way to generate buzz for your event involves partnering with social media influencers. This will expose your event to a larger number of people, including those who trust the influencer in question and will look further into your brand as a result.

VR and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality are growing technologies that are becoming more common at corporate events. They allow attendees the chance to experience something unique and otherworldly without stepping outside your event for even a moment. As these technologies become more and more affordable, something that’s already happening, this is an even easier theme to consider. For more on how to engage attendees at your corporate event, or to learn about any of our event production services, speak to the staff at Upstage Crew Services, Inc. today.

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