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Online Tools to Benefit Event Planning Processes, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary online tools that are often huge assists to event planners of all types. Whether you’re planning event setup for a conference, convention, concert or any other event format, utilizing these tools often helps you simplify, keep things in order or even promote the event through the proper social channels.

At Upstage Crew Services, Inc., we’re proud to assist with all event production needs, from stage installation to ETC certified lighting, video pro

grams and many other related services. In today’s part two, we’ll go over several additional online tools that are often hugely beneficial to event planners we work with, plus how they might assist you during the planning and event process.


For those who have an event team of any size, large or small, and want to coordinate simple communication and collaboration throughout the team regardless of location or proximity, Slack is the way to go. It’s one of the most popular communication platforms available today, utilized by businesses and entities of all shapes and sizes to connect team members in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

Not only does it allow for messaging between individuals and team groups, it also provides reminder alerts, file sharing and several other directly beneficial services. Need to set reminders for yourself for the day of the event? Slack can help with that as well. It will keep both you and the entire team organized and in touch throughout the process.


If you’re still in the conceptualization phase of planning your event, resources like Pinterest are often a major help. They’re valuable for providing inspiration or creativity themes for the event, whether you’re talking about invitations, food themes, swag ideas or even general aesthetics and décor. In addition, for those involving company branding in a given event, Pinterest is a fantastic tool. It allows you to create mood boards and color schemes that incorporate your logo and other branding methods simply and easily.


If your event is being promoted through multiple social media channels, utilize Hootsuite to help you manage and connect all such platforms in one place. You can perform all basic tasks required, from scheduling and editing posts to monitoring traffic and finding social media leads.


Finally, many event planners today have begun to utilize If This Then That (IFTTT), a unique service that connects and automates numerous task types associated with events. It can create automated tasks like sending messages to anyone who uses a branded hashtag, for instance, plus help you learn about your online community and who is following you.

For more on online tools that are perfect resources during the event planning process, or to learn about any of our services, contact the staff at Upstage Crew Services, Inc. today.

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